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Master Top Graduation news-Conversion table of granted degrees
Bachelor 2019 Admission roster of respiratory therapy industry internship program
Master 108 Admission roster of Master Program in School of Respiratory Therapy
Bachelor Congratulations! We got the second place in the cheerleading competition!
Events 2018 Asia-Pacific Symposium on Respiratory Medicine
Bachelor Mechanical Ventilation Pre-Course: What Every RT Can Learn
Bachelor Dealing with Patient Death and Dying: Advice for RTs
Bachelor Good news! You can get another 10 priority weight next semester!
Bachelor Running a Successful Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program
Bachelor What RTs Need to Know about Pulmonary Fibrosis
Events 107 Respiratory therapists' seminar
Bachelor The investigation of graduates starts
Bachelor Career Pathways Move RTs Forward Through Degree Advancement
Bachelor How RTs Can Help Battle Occupational Asthma
Bachelor Keeping the COPD National Action Plan a Priority
Bachelor Raising the Age to Purchase Tobacco: How RTs Can Help
Bachelor Asthma in the Workplace: What RTs with Asthma Have to Say
Bachelor Congratulations! Our student won the second place in National Intercollegiate Athletic Games.
Bachelor Information about interdisciplinary curriculum
International activities International Collaboration for RT career development - MSc. program between Taipei Medical University and Georgia State University