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Features of us
1. The first school of respiratory therapy in Taiwan
2. The best faculties, including fields of basic medical science, clinical medicine, and professional respiratory therapy
3. The initiation of GOSCE-interdepartmental intergrated program and program for critical care
4. The initiation of optional courses of internship
5. Site of internship- three health care systems of Taipei Medical University and six medical centers
6. Scholarships for outstanding students to short-term visit in United States and Singapore

Features of graduate program
1. Research of respiratory pharmocology, molecular biology, pneumonia and mechanism of pulmonary fibrosis
2. Research of respiratory and critical medicine diagnosis and therapy
3. Advanced respiratory therapy equipment detection and developement
4. Long term respiratory care and cardiopulmonary rehabilitation therapy
5. Research of tuberculosis and pathogenic mechanism of other contagious diseases of respiratory system
6. Research of the relation between air contamination and reapiratory diseases