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Bachelor degree

1. Ways to obtaining jobs
   (1) Enter Senior Qualification Examination for Professional and Technical Personnel, work as a RT, pulmonary function test technician
   (2) Promotion and sales of respiratory equipment
   (3) Improvement and developement in the field of respiratory therapy
2. Professional study
Institute of Emergency and Critical Care Medicine
   (2) Institute of biomedical engineering
   (3) Institute of medical science
   (4) Institute of information management
   (5) Institute of health care management

Master degree

1. Advanced respiratory therapist, sleep technician
2. Researches and techniques improvement of respiratory and critical care
3. Clinical practice, education, and management of respiratory therapy
4. The invention, detection, and promotion of respiratory therapy equipment

( According to Ministry of education, students graduated from this graduate school don't have the qualification for entering 
Senior Qualification Examination for Professional and Technical Personnel.)