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    Respiratory therapy was first introduced in the United States in the 1950s. Since the 1970s, the incidence of respiratory diseases has increased and the disease has become worse due to air pollution, increased man-madeness, environmental and ecological damage, hospitalization rates and Mortality is also increasing, the Taiwan region is no exception, so the demand for professional services such as respiratory therapy is also increasing rapidly. In the early years, domestic respiratory therapy professionals were trained by other medical personnel of various medical centers. Since April 1, 1989, after the establishment of the Respiratory Society of the Republic of China, the Ministry of Health has received the subsidy from the Department of Health, Organized by the Institute, the major hospitals co-organized, held a six-month training course, as the only pipeline to develop respiratory therapy professionals. In view of the trend of specialization of respiratory therapy, the school with the support of President Hu Junhong and the children's respiratory care authority Professor of United States Columbia University Professor Weng Ren Tian, ​​Professor Lin Jianhuang and Professor Li Hongmu with the Chinese Republic of Respiratory Society Zhu Jiacheng breathing therapist actively planning , Was established by the Ministry of Education, in August 2001 to set up two years of respiratory treatment in-service training classes, Professor Lin Jianhuang as the first department director, became the second after the Chang Geng University, the establishment of respiratory treatment in-service training courses; and Mackay, Taiwan University, Rong total, Wan Fang, three total hospital construction cooperation, clinical practice.
    However, two years of professional training was not sufficient to nurture respiratory therapy professionals, and the Legislative Yuan passed the Respiratory Therapists on December 21, 2001, and was published by the President on January 16, 2002, requiring a medical treatment Department of graduate students who are eligible to participate in the national respiratory therapist's college entrance examination, but also to practice. In order to enhance the quality of respiratory care, respiratory therapist is bound to move towards a professional formal education system, in this vision, the Taipei Medical University shoulder the national public expectations of the improvement of medical quality, in 2003 the establishment of the first university Department of respiratory therapy Since the successor of the leadership, the Department of the Department of higher quality and professionalism to the situation. Expect the future to enrich the better lineup of teachers, to recruit outstanding respiratory therapists and willing to join the research work professionals, training both medical professional and humanistic quality of the respiratory treatment professionals, the Department of all teachers and students know more from the shoulder Of the heavy responsibility to serve as the sacred work of breathing therapy, but also look forward to all sectors can give affirmation and support, we will step on every step to move forward.