The first student,Chi-Hsiang Shih,share his experience in Georgia State University for Medicine Master Program in Respiratory Therapy.

  • 2017-11-06
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    It’s been a while since I got in the US. It is, as a matter of fact, my first time being here. I did imagine that I might further study abroad, but when the chance pop out, I couldn't stop asking myself: do I really want it?
    My lack of self-confidence resulted from the language barrier, the cultural difference, and the racial issue that I believed most students decide to study abroad would face. Not to mention, I am the first person entering the dual degree program, which is, no one ever knows what may happen.
    From another perspective, being the first also means that I won't be haunted by the past, and I realized instead of being an excuse for not doing, the language should be one of the purposes of studying in the US. Besides, I can also benefit from the different culture as long as being inquisitive and open-minded. Though people in Taiwan are not sensitive to racial discrimination, it is a real and serious issue in other countries. In my opinion, never judge a person easily and never generalize a behavior of certain race or ethnicity are the best way to avoid offending others.
    With the help of my professors, my family as well as my friends, I seized the opportunity, came to GSU, and just passed my first semester with a satisfying grade. Since being in the US, I joined AARC this year in which I've seen a bunch of impressive stuff and learned a lot from those fascinating researches.
    I'm glad that I applied to the program and made friends with people from various countries that broadened my worldview.