107 Respiratory therapists' seminar

  • 2018-08-10
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1. Organizer:
Chiayi County Respiratory Therapists Association, Chiayi City Respiratory Therapist Association, and Division of respiratory therapy in Chiayi Chang Gung Memorial Hospital

2. Date: 2018.08.11 (Sat) 08:30~17:00

3. Venue: Chiayi Chang Gung Memorial Hospital Complex Building, ground floor, conference room5

4. Participants limit:
30 persons ( When the number of participants reaches the limitation, members of Chiayi Respiratory Therapists Association has the priority to sign up, non-member will be arranged to be on the waiting lists.)

Please mail your name, mobile, license number, date you get your license, service unit, and service position to
We will contact you if there are still vacancies.
5. Register: From today to August 3rd, on-site registration is not permitted.
6. Register pathway:
7. Educational credits: applying now
8. Fee:
(1) The seminar doesn't include meals
(2) Free for members of Chiayi City Respiratory Therapists Association and Chiayi County Respiratory Therapists Association
(3) 600NTD for non-member
9. Premium payment mode:
Post Office Giro Number is 31552593, and account name is Chiayi County Respiratory Therapists Association.
Please write “Attendance for 107/8/11 seminar+name”, take a picture of it or scan it to pdf, and send it to
10. Refund:
If you have sign up for the seminar but cannot come due to personal factors, please send a mail or make a phone call to tell the reasons before 8/8 to the organizers. Also, the organizer will deduct 200NTD for the cost of production.
11. Attention
(1) If you have paid but haven't register, or pay the fee after deadline (107/8/3), you will be on the waiting list.
(2) If there is any reasons other than events of force majeure which cause the event to be canceled, the course will be postponed. Participants who can't keep up with the changed date is allowed to refund.
(3) To go green, the seminar won't printed the hard copy of handouts, premium receipts, and training certificates. Please download all the things mentioned above on the Respiratory Therapists'  Association website.
(4) Participants have to wear sports outfit.
(5) Location: please check up at