Speech: 2018 Experience sharing seminar of oversea internship program

  • 2018-03-03
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1. Speech title: 2018 Experience sharing seminar of oversea internship program

2. Objectives of activity: 
(1) Making bachelor students to overview the career choices of  respiratory therapists and make a earlier plan of their career.
(2) Experience sharing of oversea internship program- takes Duke University Hospital and Tan Tock Seng Hospital as examples
(3) Current situation and capabilities that should be equipped with in the field of respiratory therapy and life science

3. Theme
We will invite students that have finished the oversea internship program to share their personal experiences, which gives a direction reference for the freshmen to make a decision to thier career chioces, and also encourages stidents to challenge and upgrade their own values to meet the commitment of international tendencies.

4. Time: March 28, 2018

5. Venue: Classroom 3102

6. The speech is held for bachelor students, mainly for students in grade one and grade two, and the total number of attendents is 80.