Linkage Taipei Medical University with Duke Medical Center - RT BSc program

  • 2018-04-02
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Respiratory therapy originated from United States of America. For over 10 years, School of Respiratory Therapy, Taipei Medical University (TMU) chooses 4 students annually to join a clerkship program for 4 weeks in Duke University Medical Center. During their stay, they have a chance to broaden their horizon and earn exclusive experience many yearn for.
The program between School of Respiratory Therapy, TMU and Duke University Hospital has been going on for 10 years. This year, TMU assistant professor Chun-Chun Hsu was invited to join the clerkship program of Department of Respiratory Therapy, Duke University Medical Center, learning how students are doing in the clerkship program. After that, they discussed how researches, clinical practice, and education operate from both school. Meanwhile, the possibility of international medical cooperation between TMU and Duke University Medical Center is something they’ll be looking forward to in the future.
Janice Thalman (Fig 2), a respiratory therapist like no other, also the director of respiratory care services has contributed 39 years of her life in Duke University Medical Center. Professor Yuh-Chin Tony Huang (Fig 3), a chest physician currently serving in Duke University Medical Center, who is also an honorary emeritus professor in School of Respiratory Therapy, TMU. Both director Janice and professor Huang have a great sense of dedication in thriving researches and education in respiratory therapy, the clerkship program TMU and Duke University Medical Center held each year is a perfect example they would support for a better future of respiratory therapy (Fig 4).

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(Fig 1) Respiratory therapy has a high contribution to                                  (Fig 2) Assistant professor Chun-Chun Hsu (right) 
Duke University Medical Center, which includes aerial                                from School of Respiratory Therapy, TMU gifting 
medical rescue. In the picture stands Andrew (middle),                                Janice Thalman (left), director of respiratory care
a respiratory therapist of Duke University Medical Center,                           services souvenir.
Chun-Chun Hsu, assistant professor of School of                                               
Respiratory Therapy, TMU (right 3) and 4 students from                                      
School of Respiratory Therapy, TMU joining clerkship program.         

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(Fig 3) Assistant professor Chun-Chun Hsu (right)                                    (Fig 4) Assistant professor Chun-Chun Hsu from 
from School of Respiratory Therapy, TMU standing                                  School of Respiratory Therapy, TMU with students 
alongside with Professor Yuh-Chin Tony Huang (left)                               of clerkship program